KLAUS Multiparking America to Be Featured on “World’s Greatest!…”


Plainsboro, NJ – KLAUS Multiparking America, the leading U.S. provider of automated parking systems and stackers, is proud to announce that it will be featured on the television show “World’s Greatest!…” airing on June 29, 2024, at 2 PM EDT. Tune into Bloomberg to witness one of this World’s Greatest on “World’s Greatest!…” You can catch the action via Cable TV (channel may vary depending on your local cable network), Direct TV CH 353, and Dish Network CH 203.  You can view “World’s Greatest!…” TV schedule here.

Photo courtesy of: KLAUS Multiparking America

The episode, part of Season 21, Episode 368, will highlight KLAUS Multiparking America’s innovative space-saving parking and eco-friendly solutions that have been transforming the American market since 1990. Viewers will get an inside look at the company’s state-of-the-art parking systems and the significant impact these solutions have had on urban and suburban parking challenges. Innovators featured on this show, like KLAUS Multiparking America, are improving our ways of living right in our own backyards.

KLAUS Multiparking America Features SILVERMAN’s Contemporary Project, Swift & Co. on “World’s Greatest!…” 

SILVERMAN, a renowned local developer is committed to revitalizing buildings throughout Jersey City.  They teamed up with KLAUS Multiparking America for their latest project, Swift & Co., shaping the future of urban living.

This innovative 9-story mixed-use building, which will be highlighted in this upcoming episode of “World’s Greatest!…,” is meticulously designed to foster an exceptionally productive and healthy environment for this community.

Swift & Co. offers its occupants a variety of amenities, including fast and convenient parking provided by KLAUS Multiparking America’s semi-automated parking systems and stackers. This collaboration ensures a seamless parking experience, enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of the building.

KLAUS Multiparking America: Revolutionizing Parking One Space at a Time in the U.S.

Photo courtesy of: KLAUS Multiparking America

For over 33 years, KLAUS Multiparking America, has been transforming the way we park in cities across the United States.  Specializing in turnkey installations and ongoing maintenance and service for their innovative automated parking systems and stackers they have the ongoing commitment to solving all parking challenges and making efficient use of space.

Their parent company KLAUS Multiparking GmbH, hailing from Germany, designs and engineers their state-of-the-art technology that minimizes human error, enhances security, and optimizes parking efficiency, making parking garages safer and more convenient for everyone. From residential complexes to commercial buildings, KLAUS Multiparking’s solutions are designed to maximize space utilization, reduce construction costs, and improve the overall parking experience. For more information, visit KLAUS Multiparking America online.

About “World’s Greatest!…”
“World’s Greatest!…” is a television show known for its in-depth profiles and engaging content. The show features remarkable footage and interviews with some of the most amazing and unique companies, products, people, and travel destinations the world has to offer.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by ‘World’s Greatest!…’ and to share our story with a broader audience,” said Christopher Tiessen, President|CEO, of KLAUS Multiparking America. “This feature allows us to showcase our cutting-edge technology, demonstrate our commitment to improving everyday life, and our positive transformative impact on projects.”

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