Modii and ECO Parking Launch “Availability by Attributes”

The Ultimate End-to-End Parking Guidance System

Detailed parking availability by category, to know before you go.

Why do we still leave home with the misguided expectation that a parking space will be waiting at our destination? Rarely is that the case, and searching for parking is a stress that we could all live without. Driver frustration is at an all-time high with endless circling leading to wasted time, increased traffic congestion and a lack of safety in areas of high demand.

To address this issue, city planners and private parking operators have introduced sensors and digital signage to indicate available parking spaces. While these methods are helpful upon arrival at your destination, we have decided to take it a step further.

Modii’s new collaboration with ECO Parking Tech expands this concept by delivering detailed availability by parking category directly to a user’s phone, before they depart. Our combined platform now allows drivers to visualize garage occupancy levels before leaving for their destination, cutting out the guesswork and minimizing circling on arrival. Drivers can plan their trip in seconds with availability guidance and real-time updates, reducing the stress associated with parking and contributing to a smoother traffic flow in urban areas.

Together, we have created the ultimate parking guidance system – one that integrates occupancy tracking by space type, digital signage and smartphone technology to provide a live availability display by parking attributes, accessible from any device.

Utilizing occupancy data gathered by ECO Parking combined with Modii’s digital parking guidance interface, users view a display of availability broken down by categories such as ADA accessible, EV charging, reserved, general parking, and more. This approach ensures that drivers receive detailed information about current parking availability tailored to their specific needs. The category breakdown also allows drivers to identify the most suitable parking options to them, ensuring that special requirements such as accessibility and electric vehicle charging are met.

With dual camera sensors that monitor up to six car spaces at once, ECO’s Falcon Vision technology accurately tracks the availability of parking spaces in real-time. These sensors provide high-precision data that feeds into both digital signage and Modii’s Parking Finder web app, ensuring the information displayed to users is current, consistent and reliable.

Additionally, Modii’s Parking Finder includes prediction algorithms to offer predicted parking availability based on historical data and current trends. This feature helps users to plan their trip with greater accuracy, knowing not just the current status but also the likelihood of finding parking at their expected time of arrival. In unifying these specialized solutions, we are setting a new standard for parking by transforming how drivers identify, navigate and utilize parking infrastructure.

Our new partnered solution empowers drivers to plan their trip with confidence, knowing exactly where they can park and the types of spaces available. By providing this level of comprehensive detail into parking availability and attributes, we’re making parking easier, reducing congestion, and enhancing the overall driving experience.

For Operators, easily connecting drivers with available parking has a direct impact on awareness and turnover, generating additional revenue from your existing asset base and improving customer satisfaction.

This collaboration between Modii and ECO Parking represents a significant advancement in parking technology, setting a new standard for convenience and efficiency in parking guidance. By addressing the rapidly changing consumer expectations and dynamic needs of drivers, our solutions make smart initiatives more accessible and impactful.