Nationwide Parking Services Launches Custom-Branded App for Enhanced Parking Experience


Denver, CO – Nationwide Parking Services is thrilled to announce the launch of its custom-branded parking app, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards fully digitized parking solutions. Developed in partnership with Get My Parking, the NWPRK app is now available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The new NWPRK app offers parkers a seamless and convenient way to find, book, and pay for parking across Nationwide’s portfolio of parking facilities. With features such as real-time availability, booking options, and digital payments, the app aims to revolutionize the parking experience for businesses and individuals alike. The app ensures a touchless and smooth parking experience to Nationwide customers at both gated and ungated parking facilities across the country. Further, users receive text message notifications when their parking session is about to expire and can extend their session remotely on their phone.

In addition to enhancing the parking experiences for drivers, the NWPRK app provides several valuable features for parking owners and operators across the Nationwide portfolio including:

  • Real-time monitoring and management of parking operations through the admin portal.
  • Detailed analytics dashboard providing data-driven insights and reports.
  • Customizable validations, rate structures, and monthly options for parkers.
  • Marketing tools to promote the app and its benefits to existing and potential customers.

Nationwide manages properties in Downtown Denver, Littleton, Steamboat Springs, and Colorado Springs, in addition to partnering with national operators and holding contracts at major airports including Denver International Airport (DEN), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and others. This app will transform the parking experiences for customers of Nationwide clients, while providing the information, data, and resources to maximize their parking operation.

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About Nationwide Parking Services

Nationwide Parking Services was founded in 1992 by visionary entrepreneur, the late Dr. Morris Clark. He had over 27 years of experience as a senior level manager in the parking industry, having served clients across a variety of sectors including municipal, event and community spaces, higher education, and healthcare. Dr. Clark had a significant understanding of the many details of parking management and operations, parking technology, and transportation and applied them all at Nationwide Parking Services. He was dedicated to constantly providing the highest level of customer service and business ethics through transparency, communication, and quality.

Since then, Nationwide has grown to become an industry-leading parking operator, dedicated to providing our clients with the most innovative, efficient, and quality parking operations, while supporting them with resources to provide the best parking experiences possible for their patrons.

Building on this strong foundation, Nationwide is now led by Dr. Clark’s daughter, Angela Clark, Esq. Angela has an impressive background in business development and law. After working as an attorney in Chicago for several years, she returned home to Denver, Colorado to join the family business as the Vice President of Business Development. In 2021, Angela transitioned into the role of President, which marked a new chapter for the company as she stepped into a leadership position, overseeing operations and the direction of the business. For more information, please visit