New HD-CD 2530 Low Headroom Rubber Door for Parking Garages Now Available from Hörmann


During the 2024 IDA Expo, Hörmann North America introduced the HD-CD 2530, a new low headroom, high-performance rubber door that’s designed for parking garages.

Made for door openings up to 25 feet wide x 10 feet high, the springless HD-CD 2530 requires just 13 inches of headroom and has a fast opening speed of up to 30 inches per second.  An innovative new endplate design eliminates the need for a traveling wind bar, and a trussless design is lighter for an easier installation.  Like all Hörmann’s new HD SERIES models, the HD-CD 2530 features engineered galvanized steel mounting angles that are lightweight and easy to install, patented aluminum NEWGEN guide tracks with integrated light curtains, and aluminum pivoting bottom bar that withstands windy environments and is easily reset after impact.

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Media Contact:
Alice Permigiani