Arcadis to provide innovative curbside management solutions to the US Cities of West Hollywood and Kirkland with CurbIQ


  • CurbIQ continues to maintain project momentum across North America as a market leader in curbside management solutions.
  • Curbside management solution will help reduce congestion, inform policy decisions and improve the parking experience.

Arcadis (EURONEXT: ARCAD)  announced that it will provide curbside management solutions for the City of West Hollywood, California and the City of Kirkland, Washington. Leveraging CurbIQ, a technology-driven product developed by parking and curbside management experts at Arcadis, the team will help optimize parking, reduce congestion, and enhance mobility within these cities.

In the City of West Hollywood, Arcadis will address the City’s needs through the CurbIQ solution by compiling comprehensive data in the form of a standardized inventory covering curb space regulations and off-street parking assets, leveraging analytical tools, modeling resources and reporting features. This will include a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for visualization, management, and analysis within a centralized intelligent system. As a result, the City can expect enhanced transparency, flexibility, and efficiency in the parking and curbside management process to address unnecessary cruising for parking and the inefficient use of curbside space.

Similarly for the City of Kirkland, Arcadis will utilize CurbIQ to provide a smart parking solution to centralize tracking of parking supply and demand and make informed decisions to improve mobility and curbside operations. The goal is to integrate parking solutions, including sensors, real-time data and mobile apps to optimize downtown parking and enhance current and future services within Kirkland. Arcadis aims to establish a comprehensive hub for communicating and accessing parking usage information, facilitating parking navigation based on selected trip criteria by end users for the City.

Alan Brookes, CEO of Arcadis, said: “The market for creating smart and connected cities is expected to reach more than US$3.5 trillion worldwide by 2030, and this opens-up massive growth potential for our digital products. Technology-enabled solutions like CurbIQ are integral to helping our clients create efficiency savings and interact more effectively with their customers. These latest wins build on CurbIQ’s momentum not just in the US but – following significant wins in Ireland and Canada – reinforce our position as a global digital leader in this space.”

Peter Richards, Product Bundle Director at Arcadis, added “As a leading end-to-end curbside management solution, CurbIQ provides an innovative, efficient approach to meet the goals and objectives of the cities of West Hollywood and Kirkland. Our experience in completing curb space management strategies, data collection techniques and curbside pilot project implementation helps position Arcadis and CurbIQ as a market leader in providing curbside solutions for cities.”

The CurbIQ platform is a leading curbside management solution that offers a flexible way for cities to better understand parking and curbside regulations. CurbIQ provides a variety of tools for curbside data collection, visualization, management, and analysis, enhancing transparency and efficiency in parking and curbside management processes.

CurbIQ was also recently awarded a contract with Sourcewell, a self-sustaining government agency that helps governments, schools and nonprofit organizations across North America work more efficiently through cooperative purchasing. The contract will give Sourcewell’s 50,000+ members access to a rich vein of expertise in digital curb management and curbside data collection, promising to transform parking, transportation, and urban planning with smart, integrated solutions. This partnership underscores a shared vision for a more efficient, sustainable, and forward-looking public sector mobility landscape.


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