Urbiotica Announces Sourcewell Contract Win, Strengthening U.S. Market Expansion


Urbiotica is excited to announce the recent acquisition of a Sourcewell contract, marking a significant leap in our endeavor to expand our innovative technology into the United States market. Sourcewell has established itself as a trusted ally for public agencies, simplifying the procurement process and ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our valued clients.

The signing of this contract, following a meticulous evaluation process by Sourcewell, underscores Urbiotica’s extensive expertise in the field. With a track record of success spanning over 15 years and having implemented our technology in more than 50 countries, with over 100,000 sensors deployed, Urbiotica is poised as a recognized leader in the market.

“This collaboration with Sourcewell signifies a major milestone in our strategy to introduce our solutions to the U.S. market,” commented Marc Boher, Urbiotica’s COO. “We are deeply committed to revolutionizing curbside management by providing customized solutions that effectively address the parking challenges faced by cities across the United States.”

About Urbiotica

Urbiotica leads the way in cutting-edge technology, providing advanced parking systems that deliver real-time data on parking occupancy, optimizing curbside management and enforcement. Our solutions cater to a variety of needs, including designated loading zones and disabled parking, offering cities invaluable insights for informed urban planning decisions.

With a wealth of experience exceeding 15 years and a global footprint extending across more than 50 countries, Urbiotica stands at the forefront of the industry. With over 100,000 sensors deployed worldwide, we empower cities to transform their curbside management strategies and drive innovation in urban mobility solutions.

For further details, please visit www.urbiotica.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

About Sourcewell

For over four decades, Sourcewell has been dedicated to empowering government entities across North America. Its cooperative purchasing program serves as a catalyst for streamlining the public procurement process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. Representing 50,000 participating agencies, Sourcewell conducts rigorous competitive solicitations to identify the most responsive and reputable suppliers. Through its extensive portfolio of awarded contracts, agencies have access to a diverse array of products and services, facilitated by local dealers or representatives. The committed team at Sourcewell acts as a driving force, enabling you to achieve your public service goals with confidence.