Mobile Smart City and The City of Hamilton, Bermuda, Have Entered into a Pilot Program to Provide a Ticketless Parking System


The new system will include Mobile Smart City’s N42 Entry unit with a full interactive screen, QR reader for Pango Parking App, ability to print tickets and intercom system, with license plate recognition. The LG1 Exit unit will provide pay in lane with credit card, Pango QR Code, will print receipts, license plate recognition, and intercom system that connects to Mobile Smart City 24/7 Call Center.

Fred Richardson, assistant superintendent for traffic management, said: “It was time to move in a smarter direction with regards to parking — one that removes the need for paper tickets. Hamilton’s motorists should notice a huge improvement with this new system, which will save them time and hassle in the car park and eliminate the need for a physical ticket.”

“Our new Ticketless System and our strong Backend Dashboard will provide parking management teams the ability to run their locations smoothly and efficiently, as well as providing the parker a simpler and easier way to park”, states John J. Incandela, CEO of Mobile Smart City.

About Mobile Smart City Corp.

Mobile Smart City Corp. is a Fintech company specializing in providing mobile touchless payment services, for parking, transit, and other city services. Its offerings include mobile payments, enforcement, permits, navigation, parking pay stations and smart routing. Mobile Smart City offers real time enforcement and traffic analytics and is available in more than sixty cities worldwide, serving more than one million active accounts. Invented in 1997, US Patent No. 5,940,481. With its Corporate Headquarters based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Mobile Smart City has introduced first- of-its-kind technology in the United States.

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