Introducing LENZ: A Comprehensive BI Reporting & Analytics Tool for Parking Operators


TEZ Technology (TEZ), the parking industry’s leading developer of app-free, ticketless solutions is thrilled to introduce LENZ. LENZ reflects TEZ’s ongoing commitment to providing customers with a deeper perspective on data. The new and improved BI reporting and analytics platform allows parking owners and operators to view their data through a new set of lenses, providing advanced insights, actionable planning, and precision-driven decision-making.

LENZ integrates with each of the products in TEZ’s innovative solution suite. It offers unique reporting and dashboard features with advanced visualizations that enable quick decisions and a more proactive approach to navigating a rapidly evolving industry.

The platform aggregates complex data into advanced visual representations for quick comprehension and assessment, facilitating a dynamic understanding of an operation’s performance. It allows organizations to transform their parking operation via data exploration and predictive analysis by converting raw data into actionable insights while extracting valuable information to make smart, strategic decisions.

TEZ’s CEO Mike Simmons stated, “At TEZ, our primary goal is to continue to identify opportunities and create solutions to help our customers maximize their parking operation by streamlining staffing, increasing revenues, and most importantly, providing the best parking experiences possible for their customers and communities. LENZ provides parking owners and operators with critical information to understand the unique patterns of their operation and make decisions to meet their specific needs and objectives. We’re excited about the opportunities LENZ provides us to move TEZ solutions into the future and help customers across all sectors enhance their operation.”

This announcement kicks off an exciting journey towards a data-driven future. LENZ is an important step forward in enhancing TEZ’s reporting capabilities and elevating the potential of data and analytics as an integral part of our overall offering. With LENZ, you’ll have the tools to make smarter decisions, assess and seize new opportunities, and propel your organization to greater heights.

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