Passport and Automotus Partner to Streamline Curb Management


Charlotte, North Carolina — Automotus, an emerging innovator in curb management technology, and Passport, the leader in unified parking and curb management, are partnering to transform how cities manage their curbspace. By combining Passport’s industry-leading platform and Automotus’ first-of-its-kind computer vision technology, the companies are providing customers with a more holistic view of their curb and unlocking seamless workflows to support safer, more livable communities.

More than 800 cities and private operators across North America trust Passport’s platform to power and operate mobile pay parking, parking enforcement, digital permitting, payments and more. This collaboration will provide Passport clients with access to Automotus’ cutting-edge computer vision technology and Automotus clients with access to Passport’s comprehensive suite of parking and mobility solutions.

“In addition to our technology, Passport’s end-to-end parking and mobility management solutions provides our clientbase with a cohesive view of how vehicles are moving throughout their city streets,” says Jordan Justus, Automotus Co-Founder and CEO. “We are excited to partner with Passport and hundreds of cities across the U.S. to connect the dots on curb activity, reduce congestion and support safer streets.”

Additionally, multimodal curb and traffic activity data collected through Automotus’ computer vision technology as well as curbside automations are now offered to Passport’s clientbase. The technology, which blurs faces and anonymizes data, can help facilitate numerous goals depending on a city’s needs, including managing loading zones, incentivizing EV adoption, improving parking compliance, generating and analyzing parking and traffic data, and more.

“There is very little knowledge of what is happening in loading zones or other places where commercial vehicles park, making it difficult for city leaders to create policy that is impactful and effective,” says Jason Sutton, Passport SVP of Curbside Solutions. “By joining forces with Automotus, we can provide even more insight into curb activity, empowering cities with the data needed to evaluate patterns, identify opportunities and implement policies.” 

Automotus and Passport already share a portfolio of municipal clients who are in the early stages of implementing the joint Passport and Automotus technologies. This partnership will open up a wide range of opportunities for cities and organizations across the country to implement a comprehensive approach to their curb management needs, obtain valuable data to optimize their operations, and support the evolving parking and curb demand and expectations of the communities they serve.

About Automotus

Automotus is the leader in automated curb management, working with cities to make our communities safer, healthier and more accessible by addressing the unprecedented rise in commercial vehicle congestion and emissions. Automotus has developed a first-of-its-kind computer vision technology that’s deployed at the curb to enable automated Smart Loading Zones, which help cities, airports, fleets and small businesses manage curb activity, make data-driven policy decisions and incentivize electric vehicle adoption—all without the need for a parking app or kiosk.

About Passport

Passport is the leader in unified parking and curb management. By integrating parking, enforcement and payments into one software solution, Passport is the only platform that brings together the complexities of mobility operations into one view to help cities improve decision-making and efficiencies. From mobile payments to citation issuance, permitting technology and more, Passport is empowering cities of all sizes with better insights to improve parking turnover, expand revenue opportunities, and create more livable communities. Passport is trusted by more than 800 clients across North America.