Tappy Guide Joins Forces with Athena Partners Strategy Group


Athena, known for its technology network, will support Tappy Guide continued mission to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities and senior citizens.

Anaheim, California – Athena Partners Strategy Group (APSG), a prominent firm specializing in government relations and technology representation, collaborates with Tappy Guide, an innovative smart mobility and transportation solution committed to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities and senior citizens.

Tappy Guide was born from the passion and dedication of founder, John Petrous. In 2017 when John’s sister, Ann, who was born blind, encountered a distressing experience while using a ride-sharing service. A miscommunication led to Ann being dropped off at the wrong location, leaving her feeling lost and vulnerable.

It was this incident that sparked the realization: if this could happen to Ann, it undoubtedly had happened to others facing similar challenges. Tappy Guide emerged from this moment of insight, determined to be the beacon of support and empowerment for individuals with disabilities.

Everyone should have the right to move with independence and confidence,” says Nick Stanton, Managing Partner at Athena Partners Strategy Group. “Through our collaboration with Tappy Guide, we see an unprecedented opportunity for our industry to offer essential assistance, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of life for those in need.”

Tappy Guide Empowers Mobility

Broader horizons: Leave your home ensured that everything is within your reach, anywhere you decide to go.

Indoor assistance: Organize your day and do your chores in both your home and garden with a simple call.

Social activities: Attend all those events you’ve been meaning to go to and have a great time out and about.

See the world: Offering the best First Mile/Last Mile solution, as well as great accessibility and navigation.

The collaboration between Tappy Guide and Athena marks a significant milestone in the advancement of inclusivity within the parking, transportation, mobility, and sustainability sectors. By combining innovative solutions and technologies, this partnership is set to make these industries not only more efficient but also profoundly more accommodating for those with diverse mobility needs; a noteworthy stride towards a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

Accessible technology is a much needed technology in the efforts of making cities and transit agencies more accessible for people with disabilities and seniors,” Says John Petrous, Founder of Tappy Guide. “It’s great to see groups like Athena recognizing the need and value for accessible technology. We are very excited to work with Athena, as they support us in pioneering change for the disabled community.”


About Tappy Guide

Tappy Guide is a pioneering smart mobility and transportation solution, dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities and senior citizens. Our mission is clear: to empower the blind and low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, wheelchair users, and seniors to navigate confidently through unfamiliar environments and situations. More at tappyguide.com

About Athena Partners Strategy Group

Leveraging a specialized network of partners, APSG is a governmental relations and technology consultancy guiding organizations in developing new business and launching solutions across parking, transportation, curb management, rideshare, law enforcement, public safety and sustainability sectors. More at athenapsg.com


Athena Partners Strategy Group Contact:

Nick Stanton

Managing Partner



Tappy Guide Contact:

John Petrous