Cleverciti and City of Paderborn Unite to Transform Parking Guidance in Germany



Cleverciti recently completed an innovative smart parking integration with the City of Paderborn, Germany. This week, Mayor Michael Dreier hosted a press conference commemorating the beginning of the most comprehensive and modern parking guidance system in Germany. Since 2021, the City and Cleverciti have gradually intensified their collaboration in smart parking over several phases.

The Paderborn community faced numerous parking-related issues including extensive time and emissions spent circling streets searching for available spaces. Further, the existing parking guidance system did not include on-street or parking lot spaces, significantly limiting parking availability information presented to drivers.

The City sought to streamline the parking experience, while gaining greater insight into their overall parking data. Cleverciti worked closely with ASP, a city owned company responsible for a range of municipal functions including parking management. Cleverciti implemented its integrated parking intelligence solutions to create a more convenient and comfortable parking process for residents and visitors.

The Paderborn smart parking project included the comprehensive integration of multiple Cleverciti solutions. The footprint included parking detection covering approximately 800 on-street parking spaces within the city core.

Cleverciti mounted approximately 80 single-space vehicle detection sensors. With a range of up to 220 degrees, each Cleverciti Sensor measures the exact GPS position of parked cars and size of open spaces. The sensors then deliver real-time parking availability information to 66 Cleverciti parking guidance signs. The Cleverciti Sign is a high-resolution, multi-purpose dynamic messaging sign. Installed at major decision points throughout the city, the signs provide turn-by-turn guidance through parking availability data communicated from the Cleverciti sensors.

Cleverciti also worked with ASP and the City to integrate its Cleverciti Cockpit. The Cleverciti Cockpit is a smart parking dashboard providing real-time parking data to simplify operations and reduce parking complexity. The dashboard in Paderborn also offers access to live status and control of sensor and sign devices as well as the possibility of blocking spaces, for instance in case of construction works.  Furthermore the Cockpit has the option to run sophisticated data analytics, allowing the City to understand unique patterns throughout the area and identify opportunities to further support the parking needs of their users. The Cleverciti Cockpit is a cost-effective solution to increase revenues, improve the overall driver experience, and streamline operations.

“We are pleased to be able to put one of the most modern and innovative parking guidance systems in Germany into operation today,” Mayor Michael Dreier emphasized during the inauguration of the new system. “On behalf of the city of Paderborn, I would like to thank all those involved for their commitment,” he further stated.

“We have broken new ground in many areas with this project and I am glad that we have competent partners at our side in the form of the Fraunhofer Institutes and Cleverciti, who have supported us,” exclaimed Dr. Dietmar Regener, operations manager of the ASP.

The partnership between Cleverciti and the City of Paderborn is revolutionizing smart parking in the region. It will serve as a model for similar municipalities throughout the region and beyond creating cleaner, more efficient, and successful communities through innovative parking technology.

View the official City of Paderborn press release.