Creative Ways Of Making Money With A Parking Garage


By Junior Khan, CAPP

One creative way of making money with a parking garage is by using the space for events and experiences. Rather than just offering parking spaces, you can transform your garage into a unique venue that hosts events and experiences that people will want to pay for.

For example, you could host a drive-in movie theater in your garage, where people can park their cars and enjoy a movie on a large screen. You could also host a car show or auction, where car enthusiasts can gather and showcase their vehicles.

Another idea is to create an urban garden on the rooftop of your parking garage. You can lease out plots of land to individuals or businesses who want to grow their own produce in the heart of the city. You could also host community events, such as gardening workshops, outdoor yoga classes, and farmers markets.

If your parking garage is located in a tourist area, you could offer guided tours that start and end in the garage. For example, you could offer a walking tour of the city’s historic landmarks or a food tour that includes stops at local restaurants and cafes.

You could also use your parking garage as a space for art installations, pop-up shops, or even a temporary coworking space. By offering unique experiences that can’t be found elsewhere, you can attract a diverse range of customers and generate new revenue streams for your parking garage.

Junior Khan, CAPP,  is General Manager for Elite Parking Services of America, Inc. He can be reached at