What is Your EV Readiness?


By Robert Ferrin, CAPP

By now, you have probably lost track of how many electric vehicle (EV) articles, blogs, and posts you have read or seen in the last six to 12 months.  Whether you like it or not, the EV revolution is here to stay and its impact on our industry continues to come into focus.  IPMI is taking the topic of all things EV head-on through the work of it’s EV Readiness Cohort.  The IPMI EV Readiness Cohort specializes in planning, research, and innovation industry-wide to create partnerships and resources that enable IPMI members to prepare for and accommodate anticipated needs and requirements to support EVs across all segments of the industry. Our small expert working group is developing targeted and impactful resources of benefit to IPMI members relative to the challenge and opportunities around electrification, which include publications, surveys, white papers, readiness planning tools, and educational content.

IPMI and the EV Readiness Cohort recently released its inaugural landmark EV Readiness survey to capture critical benchmarks and data on the state of the industry’s readiness to prepare for electric vehicles and charging needs to support national initiatives. The 2023 IPMI Electric Vehicle Readiness Survey will capture insights and benchmarks on the current state of EV readiness, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), and EV fleet deployment industry-wide, as well as anticipated demand and related impacts to the industry.  Our Cohort will use this aggregated data to develop and release EV Readiness Planning resources, guidance, and best practices later this year.  These resources will assist parking, transportation and mobility owners and operators meet demand and effectively and efficiently deploy and enhance EV programs and initiatives as an essential service to support electrification efforts across all market segments.

A cornerstone to the continued success of our parking and mobility industry is when our IPMI members tackle new opportunities and challenges together.  We invite you to complete this survey and lend your voice to supporting the development of our industry EV Readiness Plan.  The survey is open to all industry professionals and will be available through April 5, 2023.

Robert Ferrin, CAPP, is a Senior Project Manager with Kimley-Horn and a member of the IPMI Board of Directors. He can be reached at robert.ferrin@kimley-horn.com