What’s New With CAPP?


By Kathleen Federici, M.Ed.

Occasionally you may find yourself asking, “What’s new with CAPP?”  The answer to your question is, “There is so much that is new!”

The CAPP Candidate Handbook has a bold new look and now matches its sister document the Recertification Guidelines. Check it out!  Within each of these documents are significant content changes that we hope make your candidacy and recertification easier.

The updated CAPP Candidate Handbook now has seven new suggested study references, including links to content from the ADA, Omnibus Transportation Act, EPA, OSHA, and PCI Compliance websites. The CAPP exam continues to match the industry’s growth and changes.  As the industry evolves the CAPP exam questions, answer options, and study references strive to reflect what is current and occurring within the industry.

The Recertification Guidelines have a new look and a new method for recertification.  All recertifying CAPPs are now provided an easier and quicker avenue for completing their recertification once every three years.  This revised method of recertifying begins with the January 1, 2024 recertificants.  All recertificants must go through the eLearning platform to recertify.

All of the education completed with IPMI is in one easy to locate system –  our eLearning platform.  At your fingertips you can view all of your previous IPMI education and add any external training, which is defined as any and all training taken outside of IPMI.  Once you log into the IPMI eLearning platform, you can view a comprehensive transcript which offers the convenience of viewing all your professional development activities in one place.  Now, when it is time for you to recertify, the recordkeeping form, and education – IPMI and external – is all in one place and easy to access.  There is no need to keep your professional development scattered or keep a log of education and try and remember all you have completed at the end of the three-year recertification cycle.  You will download the new recordkeeping form from the IPMI eLearning platform, complete your recertification as you view all your education, and reupload the completed form without ever leaving the site. Yes, it is that easy! 

When someone asks, ‘What new with CAPP?”  you can confidently say that there is so much!

Kathleen Federici, MEd, is IPMI’s director of professional development.