Parking Challenges? There’s a new solution that’ll help Owners and Operators.


In-Parking, a new parking management ecosystem, has come to the United States to change parking owners’ and operators’ processes from day one. With a market generating around $9 billion dollars a year, the parking industry continues experimenting with rapid growth to keep up with intelligent cities’ new challenges.

According to Vox, the United States has around eight parking spaces for every car, which is 30% of coverage in each city. Therefore, it’s become more challenging to operate a large number of garages and lots for parking owners and operators. Also, dealing with multiple systems becomes cumbersome, error-prone, and time and labor-extensive.

Although there are several parking systems, most are siloed, creating unnecessary complexity and lacking interoperability. That’s why the innovative parking solution In-Parking is developed to provide increased efficiency, seamless revenue management, enhanced customer satisfaction, and quick data collection and analysis.

In-Parking‘s revolutionary system was created to enhance parking business operations with real data and deeper performance visibility thanks to embedded KPIs and integrations with your revenue control, phone-based Apps, GIS systems, and more. Therefore, parking operations will shift 180 degrees to a comprehensive approach that gathers valuable real-time data.

This system eliminates common obstacles such as space utilization, cost management, revenue control, reporting insights, lack of integration with multiple disparate apps, and regulation tools for owners. Therefore, In-Parking offers benefits like:

  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Increasing revenue and controlling expenses
  • Diving deep into real data and performance
  • Receiving centralized real-time information for real decisions
  • Eliminating manual data entry, uploads, and redundant data entry

In-Parking‘s clients like Miami Parking Authority (MPA) have witnessed these benefits and many more since its implementation:

  • Complete integration from beginning to end with the financial and operations system In-Parking ERP, the integration with the facility management solution (IMS), its eCommerce platforms, GIS, POS, Revenue Control, and more with the strength of the In-Parking SIGHT analytics platform.
  • Eliminating multiple manual data uploads and redundant data entry.
  • Saving on average 160 hours per week of manpower.
  • Reduced in-person visits to the customer service office.
  • Real-time services, decals, and permits for customers.

“We reduced the number of customers that had to visit our office every month; the system -allows them to handle the entire transaction online […] Also, we had a very manual process for customers placing an order and then having that information entered into the financial system, and then transferring the information from the financial system to the revenue control or the enforcement systems.” – Henry Espinosa – IT Director at MPA

So, what is In-Parking?

In-Parking is an end-to-end flexible parking management system solution that integrates, operates, and modernizes operations. It is a data-driven ecosystem of solutions that helps facilitate, enhance, and manage parking operations with a tried and proven solution based on modern app architecture.

Owners and operators utilize In-Parking to help them control finances and manage garages, lots, and zones while providing deep insights, overall operations, profitability, usage, and metrics to serve their customers better.

Focusing on providing a seamless customer experience for your clients, In-Parking understands that parking is not just about space but about living real interaction. It’s about interacting with family and friends, going to restaurants, sports events, or any other occasion your customers would have in their everyday lives.

That way, they will have a seamless experience whenever they need to move around, and In-Parking helps you facilitate and manage those interactions.

What does In-Parking focus on?

Focusing on parking owners and operators, In-Parking specializes in delivering a comprehensive solution for Parking Authorities & Departments (PA&D), Transit & Express Authorities (T&EA), Airport Parking Services (APS), and Private Parking & Services (PP&S).

Parking Authorities & Departments (PA&D)

PA&D can quickly serve communities more efficiently and securely while empowering employees’ productivity, improving parking flow, and reaching more significant results.

In-Parking helps small, and large municipalities overcome common challenges by cost-effectively relying on tech and parking-specific modules. This allows them to increase operations’ visibility, elevate citizens’ satisfaction, integrate with revenue control equipment and existing ERP, and unify rules and regulations tool that fits owners’ local legal framework for parking.

Transit & Express Authorities (T&EA)

T&EA can seamlessly optimize demand and ensure efficiency, manage collected funds, and designate them for their operations’ continual improvement and maintenance while ensuring stakeholder requirements.

In-Parking helps T&EA guarantee visibility, speed, and quality from transit authorities to citizens, help increase operational efficiency and client satisfaction, integrate with an ERP system, and unify rules and regulations tool that fits owners’ local legal framework for parking.

Airport Parking Services (APS)

APS can increase operational efficiency, improve travelers’ parking experience, control operating costs, enhance non-aeronautical revenue, and reduce passenger complaints.

In-Parking offers a robust service that helps APS impact parking operations with a flexible system that meets business needs, ensures maximum efficiency and productivity for real decisions, and improves the guest experience with steady quality service.

Private Parking & Services (PP&S)

PP&S can optimize parking availability and increase profits. In-Parking works with private parking and service organizations by integrating siloed systems into complete back-office financials and the In-Parking Information Management System (IMS) suite, providing an unparalleled view into operations.

In-Parking provides PP&S with the necessary services and equipment to ensure their processes run smoothly and efficiently, provide insight and visibility into operations, and manage Surge or Demand Pricing based on usage data.

In-Parking ecosystem solutions

In-Parking offers a complete ecosystem of solutions that include In-Parking ERP industry-specific solutions, In-Parking Information Management System (IMS), In-Parking Sight (for reporting), quick integration & eCommerce, and customer service add-on.

In-Parking ERP

An all-inclusive parking solution specifically designed for companies seeking to enhance financial and accounting results with an ERP aimed at the Parking industry with:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Approval process
  • Data insights

In-Parking IMS

Gain 360-visibility of the contract status and control your products and services with different app integrations and In-Parking Information Management System (IMS), optimizing your operations, including features of:

  • Contract management
  • Control table

In-Parking Sight

Provide deeper insights into your parking and allow data-driven actionable insights into allocating resources with Financial Systems integrations and revenue control equipment. Fully integrated with:

  • In-Parking ERP
  • In-Parking IMS
  • Pay-By-Phone
  • SkiData
  • Parkeon
  • And many others.

Why should you choose In-Parking?

As an IMPMI and FPTA official member, In-Parking is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications Ecosystem. It was designed from the ground up to facilitate, enhance, and extend parking operations, offering a suite of modern and flexible parking management systems that respond to the garage, lots, and smart cities’ current and future needs.

About In-Parking

In-Parking is an end-to-end flexible parking management system solution that integrates, operates, and modernizes operations for owners and operators. It is a data-driven ecosystem of solutions that helps facilitate, enhance, and manage parking operations with a tried and proven solution based on modern app architecture.

In-Parking was designed and built from the ground up for municipal parking by Pangea Consultants, which has broad expertise in developing new technologies, using Microsoft business solutions as its foundation, and delivering a unique product for the Parking industry.

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