Arcadis IBI Group’s CurbIQ Solution Gains Momentum with Two New Curbside Management Software Implementations in North America and Europe

Arlington County, VA, and Dublin, Ireland latest urban centers to implement curbside management programs using CurbIQ.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – Arlington County, VA, one of the largest principal cities in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, and Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, are the two latest urban jurisdictions implementing curbside management projects using CurbIQ, a modular software suite developed by Arcadis IBI Group Inc. to help cities to better visualize, analyze, improve and monetize their curbside operations.

In Arlington County, Arcadis IBI’s CurbIQ team partnered with Arlington County and Waterloo, Ont.-based eleven-x, a global leader in providing comprehensive, high-performance, wireless IoT and smart city solutions, to launch a three-year sensor-based street parking project within the County’s commercial areas.

With eleven-x providing its remote sensor technology for approximately 5,000 curbside parking spaces within Arlington County, the CurbIQ team has deployed curbside management software to allow County administrators to dynamically review, analyze, and approve parking rate changes in real time, as well as deliver real-time parking availability and rate information to public users through a mobile-friendly and desktop platform.

The Arlington County system utilizes several CurbIQ modules designed to help cities and the general public better understand not only their parking options, but all curbside restrictions and mobility options around them. These modules include:

  • Curb Viewer, visually displays all real-time parking demand and supply within a defined area.
  • Curb Manager, easily manages and customizes curbside parking inventory by adding, removing, or modifying area-specific parking rules or rates through a simple, visual, and dynamic user interface.
  • Curb Analyzer, provides insights into how curb space is designated across the county and offers access to customizable information such as parking supply, utilization, and demand.
  • Curb Rules API, is used for passing real-time parking supply, demand, and rate information between eleven-x sensors in the field, the CurbIQ platform and third-party payment providers.

Peter Richards, Product Director and co-creator of CurbIQ, says the innovative project with Arlington County highlights the strengths of CurbIQ to help cities “better understand, measure and manage their curb inventory and to make data-driven decisions to help maximize municipal parking revenue while providing optimal service to residents and businesses living and operating within their jurisdiction.”

“Arcadis IBI Group was selected by eleven-x for this project because of the remarkable quality of their data processing and integration toolset for scalable mobility solutions,” Dan Mathers, CEO of eleven-x, said, “The collaborative effort between our companies to successfully bring this dynamic smart parking solution to fruition in Arlington County is precisely within the intended spirit of helping cities meet their municipal transport needs in a safe, equitable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable way.”

Along the same lines, CurbIQ is being used to help launch the SENATOR Project in Dublin, Ireland, where the aim is to create a new logistics system to enhance the sustainability of the city’s transportation network and assets. Specifically, CurbIQ is being used as a software tool to optimize deliveries and mitigate traffic congestion and emissions through curbside inventory mapping and resource decision-making that can be integrated into the planning of the city’s logistics operations and positively impact the city’s progress towards a climate neutral future.

“These exciting new curbside management projects in Arlington County and Dublin are a true indication of the increased interest we’re seeing in cities all globally to gain a better understanding of their valuable curbside inventories so they can be better managed, monetized and optimized for everyone’s benefit with tools like CurbIQ,” said Richards.

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