Sometimes the Best Solution is the Simple One


How a Simple Idea Turned into a Priceless Community Engagement Opportunity between FLASH, Bethlehem Parking Authority, and Bethlehem Area School District

By David Venancio

Sometimes the best solution is the simple one. When Bethlehem Parking Authority (BPA) came to me about a recent endeavor, that certainly proved that to be the truth. A few months ago, BPA’s Executive Director Steve Fernstrom was brainstorming opportunities for his newly established Community Outreach program. He decided to turn to the city’s school district in hopes of collaborating with students on a project that would let their creativity shine.

But where to channel that energy? Fernstrom had an idea. BPA’s recent install of FLASH technology had been a hit – and a fun part of the original project was designing custom wraps for the kiosks. He wondered if maybe, just maybe, there was a way to commission new wrap designs from school art classes. He called me to make sure it was a possibility, made a few phone calls to art teachers, we connected with the right FLASH teams. And the plan was a go!

“Bethlehem Area School District is such an important stakeholder in this community so, we really wanted an opportunity to partner with them on a community project,” says Steve Fernstrom, Executive Director of Bethlehem Parking Authority.

BPA’s two goals of integrating future-ready technology and engaging the community ended up working hand in hand. The teachers were excited to offer their students a different kind of project with a real-world application, students were thrilled to exercise their creativity, and BPA is soon to be proud owner of the first FLASH equipment outfitted in custom, community-sourced wraps.

Having the opportunity to get involved in projects like this is why I love being in Customer Success at FLASH. Really being a client partner and advocate makes it fun! I can’t wait to see the final output.

David Venancio is a Senior Customer Success Manager at FLASH.