New London Brings Additional Convenience To Parkers With Flowbird App


City expands touchless payment options.


Moorestown, NJ – The New London Parking Authority has announced the launch of the Flowbird App to make it easier for motorists to find and pay for parking downtown.  At a time when touchless payments are increasingly popular, the Flowbird App offers peace-of-mind for both the City and its drivers.

The Flowbird App allows users to pay for parking from their mobile devices, receive text notifications when time is about to expire, and extend their time without having to run to a meter.

“The addition of this convenient payment option is an effort to improve the experience of visiting our shops, restaurants, and other businesses around the city,” said Carey E. Redd, II, Director of Transportation, Transit and Parking, in New London.

Designed as a true mobility app, the Flowbird App features a map-based user interface, integrated with Waze and other navigation systems to guide users to their preferred parking location.  The GPS enabled map also allows users to select their parking location without manually inputting a zone code.

Setting up an account is quick and simple after the app is downloaded to a mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store.  Accounts can be set up for individual motorists or for businesses to manage their fleets.

The Parking Authority will benefit from Flowbird’s powerful data hub. All parking activity information from Flowbird pay stations and the Flowbird mobile app are aggregated into Flowbird’s back-office system to allow staff to have a global view of all parking activity.

Other methods of payment will continue to be available at Flowbird kiosks throughout the City’s lots, such as by credit or debit card, or with quarters and dollar coins.

The Flowbird app launched on December 12th in New London, followed by a Flowbird ambassador outreach throughout the City.

The City of New London joins several other cities across the northeast utilizing the Flowbird app, including West Hartford, CT; New York City, NY; and Boston, MA, among others. For more information, please visit

About Flowbird

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