Leadership Lessons from PIPTA


By Casey Jones, CAPP, PMP

I had the privilege of moderating a leadership panel at PIPTA’s annual conference recently in Salt Lake City.  Thanks to Kenzie Coulson (Utah Property Management Association), Kaite Justice (Valley Regional Transit) and Ian Ortlieb (Missoula Parking Commission) for their insights, honesty, and collaboration

Here are four key ideas that came from these amazing leaders:

  1. Know Thyself: Being honest with ourselves is the starting point for any leader hoping to have the greatest impact they can. Recognizing our limitations and mistakes is the first step of making meaningful and effective change.
  2. Be Willing to Change: Recognizing and owning our mistakes and understanding our limitations is the first step in changing for the good. This takes serious introspection, courage and humility, attributes of all the very best leaders we know and admire.  Far too many leaders convince themselves that they are right just because they are in charge.
  3. Know Your People: Taking the time to really understand our people pays huge dividends because we learn about their motivations, passions, challenges, and by seeing them not just as workers or subordinates but fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and every other role we play in our daily lives beyond our job role.
  4. Treat People as Individuals: Leaders are no doubt pressed for time and a shortcut (and colossal mistake) is to treat people all the same. This might also feel like a safe bet to avoid the appearance of favoritism, but the downsides far outweigh any concern over giving one employee a pass over another.  When we ignore what is unique about each person – in terms of skills, background, context, attitudes, motivations and so much more – we limit the extent and effectiveness of options we might use to help our subordinates be their best, most fulfilled selves.

Thanks again to these amazing leaders for their insights and lets all endeavor to keep the conversation going about how we can all be more effective leaders.

Casey Jones, CAPP, PMP is Senior Director for Customer Success at FLASH, and a member of IPMI’s Board of Directors. He can be reached at casey.jones@flashparking.com.