The Power of Influential Leadership

By Tiffany Peebles

Growing up, many of us remember the old mentality of a manager –  heavily focused on policies and procedures, power and control, and instructing versus inspiring. Today, most leaders know the importance of leading versus managing. If you are fortunate enough to influence others in the workplace daily, take time to learn the difference.

A leader focuses on people, not just profits, They seek ways to listen and empower, not just instruct, and they will use charisma and not simply be authoritative. Leaders of today are more interested in creating “circles of influence” versus “circles of power.” Seeking ways to be influential to a team will create buy-in, loyalty, and a culture of camaraderie; that creates organizational success but advances individuals. This type of leadership looks for ways to bring out the best in a team. Those who rely purely on their power to plow through staff will find a discouraged group of employees seeking to leave. It has been proven that people do not leave jobs, they leave managers, yes, managers and not leaders.

People want to feel appreciated, valued, and empowered. If the leader does not make them feel as if they are making a difference, they will look for a place where they can create change. If you are fortunate enough to lead, create a legacy where lives are inspired and motivated.

Tiffany Peebles is the former executive director of the Parking Authority of River City, Inc. and a member of the IPMI Board of Directors.