Dr. Jennifer Tougas Appointed as Assistant Vice President for Business Services in the Division of Strategy, Operations and Finance for WKU


Western Kentucky University has announced Dr. Jennifer Tougas, CAPP as Assistant Vice President for Business Services in the Division of Strategy, Operations and Finance. Dr. Tougas sits on the IPMI Board of Directors.

Dr. Tougas has a lengthy and impactful history with WKU. She was hired in 2004 to design and implement the strategic plan for Parking and Transportation Services at WKU. Through her acumen and abilities as a team player, she has brought modern technology-based solutions to WKU P&T operations. As Director, she also worked with the Bowling Green government and relevant agencies to coordinate WKU and public transit operations. Quality services that are both efficient and environmentally friendly have been hallmarks of her leadership in Parking and Transportation Services.

In 2019, Jennifer Tougas accepted the responsibilities as Interim Assistant Vice President for Business Services. Bringing the same energy, organizational skills, and student-first approach to this position, Dr. Tougas has continued to improve operational efficiencies while reducing costs. She strives to create a collaborative atmosphere of continual improvement.

Jennifer Tougas has a multi-faceted background upon which she will draw as AVP for Business Services. Dr. Tougas earned her Ph.D. in Ecology and B.S. in Zoology from the University of Georgia. At UGA, she served in the role of Computer Services Specialist, Office Manager, and then Assistant Manager for Parking Services. She is a member of various professional organizations and boards, including the Bowling Green Warren County Metropolitan Planning Organization and the BG/WC Greenways Commission. Her campus activities include the WKU Strategic Plan formation process, the Campus Master Plan, and numerous other WKU committees. Dr. Tougas enjoys SCUBA diving, horseback riding, guitar, softball, home renovation, and volunteering for community causes.