Joshua Crain Appointed as Vice President of Technology for Propark Mobility


Hartford, Connecticut –Propark Mobility announced  that Joshua Crain has been promoted to the company’s Vice President of Technology.

“Josh Crain has been a key leader in transforming Propark Mobility from a national parking services leader to a leading mobility and technology company,” said David Schmid, Propark Mobility’s Chief Investment Officer. “From proprietary software development to our Cloudpark suite of technology services, Josh has been instrumental in each of our tech-centric processes as we continue to chart new pathways to success in this particular space.”

Josh’s career with Propark began in 2013, when he joined the company as a data scientist. He immediately began to take ownership of the new software department and over time took over management responsibilities of Cloudpark Command, the company’s in-house operations Command Center. His most recent role was Manager of Software Engineering, where he led the company’s technology and software development teams.

“Josh is always thinking way outside of the box, and that’s what allows him to push boundaries that we didn’t realize existed,” said Richard DiPietro, Propark’s President. “His thought leadership is impressive, and he inspires the team around him to reach new heights with respect to the products and services that Propark Mobility develops for our clients and end users.”

In his new role, Josh will lead Propark’s team of software engineers, and report to the company’s Chief Investment Officer, as he continues to develop creative, new technologies that help drive Propark’s success internally, while adding value to asset owners and managers, and their guests, externally.

About Propark Mobility

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