IPMI Announces 2022-2023 CAPP Certification Board

New slate of directors takes effect following the IPMI Conference & Expo July 24-27, 2022.

FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA: The International Parking & Mobility Institute is pleased to announce its 2022-2023 CAPP Certification Board. Elections were held by the association in April 2022. At the conclusion of IPMI’s 2022 Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 24-27, IPMI’s 2022-2023 CAPP Board will begin their term.

Beginning his three-year appointment as CAPP Board Chair will be Hal King, CAPP. Current Chair Isaiah Mouw, CAPP will continue to serve on the board as past Chair.

Vanessa Solesbee Schnipkoweit, CAPP, joins the CAPP board as the newest director. Irma Henderson, CAPP, was re-elected to serve another three-year term. Gwendolyn Bolden, CAPP, and Sam Veraldi, CAPP, will both return to serve the third year of their three-year term.

The entire 2022-2023 IPMI CAPP Certification Board, effective July 27, 2022, is:

About IPMI

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