ParkEngage Online Reservation System Transforming Parking and Transportation Experience at Yankee Stadium.


ParkEngage has partnered with New York City parking operator, City Parking, to provide numerous electronic reservation services at the parking facilities serving Yankee Stadium. This system will dramatically improve and expedite the parking experience for the hundreds of thousands of visitors and spectators to Yankee Stadium each year.

ParkEngage has implemented solutions tailored specifically to the needs of Yankee Stadium parking patrons and City Parking. The project includes the launch of a new parking website that allows patrons to accomplish all parking and transportation related tasks including making parking reservations, purchasing parking passes, purchasing bus passes, and more. The ParkEngage Online Reservations solution also provides numerous benefits such as managing real-time pricing and availability, enhancing customer service and loyalty, and increasing revenues.

City Parking’s Anthony Llopiz stated “City Parking is committed to implementing solutions that enhance the iconic experience of visiting Yankee Stadium for visitors from the minute they arrive until they leave. We are excited about the opportunities the ParkEngage Online Reservation system will provide to create the best parking and transportation process for everyone who enters our facilities.”

Not only will this help to improve the parking experience for stadium visitors, but it will help to create a more efficient operation for parking staff. For more information, visit

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