By Tavris Parker, CAPP

What does it mean to be in balance?

Achieving balance according to  is often a daily task. The right balance for you today may be different for you tomorrow.

Here are three tips for achieving balance that I have found to be very helpful:

  1. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Each person’s daily needs are different and require a different level of mental contribution each day.
  2. Achievement and enjoyment are the two key concepts for effective work life balance. Setting daily goals and checking them off your list one by one. Take five minutes at the beginning of your day to craft a list of achievable duties (a to-do list). Be proud of your achievements whether big or small. You get the satisfaction of completing and closing the loop on a task. Enjoy the process.
  3. If nobody pats you on the back today, pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a daily “good job” affirmation. Along the way provide others with the same positive energy.

When you do what you do well and enjoy the process, you will get the most out of it. The enjoyment will attract others to achieve the same happiness and fulfillment as you.

Tavris Parker, CAPP, is parking operations manager for the City of Virginia Beach.