By Julie Dixon

Focus on the positive aspects of parking and make them a part of the solution. We want people to follow the rules, so let’s focus on compliance. Enforcement will be inevitable, but if we promote and initiate the positive, it starts to shift the conversation and focus to the results. Positive and consistent messaging can influence the way people perceive the impact of parking, and perception is a big part of the parking management challenge.

Focusing on data can drive decisions away from perception and opinions. The entire community needs to be a part of this ride. We need to educate business owners, residents, and leadership to understand why occupancy and utilization data are relevant to our everyday lives. We know that parking matters, but we need to shape and share the message in a way that, like our parking management solutions, is easy, convenient, and accessible. Consistency is necessary to ensure that the positive message is learned.

Elaborate education and branding campaigns can be expensive, but you can start simply with the way that we communicate the external message. Invest the time to work with your team to ensure a unified approach is acknowledged and understood. Revisit this theme, incorporate the feedback received from the frontline, and adapt accordingly. Don’t relent, consistency is the key to reinforcing your positive messaging. Our communities are seeking stability and, in general, want to follow the rules. Let’s make it easier for them.

Julie Dixon is president of Dixon Resources Unlimited, and a member of the IPMI Research & Innovation Task Force.