By Perry H. Eggleston, CAPP

The California Mobility and Parking Association (CMPA) is opposing a bill in its current form that is making the rounds in the California Legislature focusing on a fine forgiveness program for those who are “verified” homeless.   Assembly Bill 1685 requires parking agencies to forgive up to $1,500 annually to those who are homeless.  The present structure of the bill has no definition of the $1,500 being cumulative across all parking agencies, or for every parking agency.  Additionally, the Bill requires the parking agency to prove that the applicant is not homeless, instead of AB 503 (Indigent Payment Plan for Parking Citations) in 2018 places the burden of proof on the homeless applicant.

CMPA members are tasked with protecting the curb, so it is available to all who need access.  We believe the indigent payment plan implemented two years ago, provides sufficient protection to those who are homeless, while still allowing our ability to enforce access for all.  Instead of addressing the complex issue of homelessness and seeking programs that remedy it, the legislature creates an “enabler” bill that encourages the homeless to continue living in their vehicles.  Forgiving $1,500 a year does not help in finding these people an affordable place to live.

Perry H. Eggleston, CAPP is the executive director of transportation service for UC Davis, and serves as legislative committee chair for the California Mobility and Parking Association.