By Jamie Snyder, CAPP

These past two years have taught us many things. How to bounce back from adversity, how to meet unknown challenges head on, how to…. dare I say…. PIVOT. However, one of the greatest things it has taught us is how important human connection is to us.

I was reminded of this recently during one of Texas Parking and Transportation Association’s (TPTA) “Let’s Do Lunch” meetings. TPTA kicked off these monthly webinars shortly after the pandemic hit, when we were all confined to our homes. We have hosted them monthly for 1 ½ years, trying to bridge the “connection” gap until we could finally see each other in person again. It has been a great way to stay connected to our colleagues and meet new ones in the process.

We are a connected industry. It is one of the things I fell in love with when introduced to the industry so long ago. We are unique in that way, not many industries forge the friendships and mentorships like ours does. It is important to us to stay connected, either by computer or in person.

It is even more important to form connections with people new to the industry. We need to make a concentrated effort to reach out to those that have not been here as long as some of us old timers. To bring them in and make them feel welcome, to be the mentor that so many of us had at some point. It is especially critical in this topsy-turvy world we are living in now.

Let’s all make a pledge to do just that, welcome everyone to the great connection. Meet new people within your own firm, in regional organizations, and through IPMI. Welcome everyone in the positive way you were welcomed and if it was not positive, then welcome them in the way you would have wanted.

Jaime Snyder, CAPP is a senior parking consultant with Walter P Moore. Jaime is a member of IPMI’s Planning, Design, and Construction committee.