By Kathleen Federici, MEd

 One of the best milestones a parking, transportation, and mobility professional can accomplish in their career is the CAPP designation. The CAPP credential not only showcases your industry knowledge, but is a great step to highlight your expertise and commitment to your current (or future employer), your clients, your peers, and even yourself.

But don’t just take it from us. Check out these testimonials from recent CAPPs on what achieving this designation meant for them personally and in their careers.

 “Through the process of getting my CAPP credential, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the Parking and Mobility industry and have realized that this industry is unique and more complex than it seems from an onlooker’s perspective. There is a great sense of accomplishment that I have gained professionally due to this understanding and will continue to look for additional opportunities to apply this knowledge in my personal and professional life.”

Hannah R. Adeponu, CAPP
Assistant Parking and Mobility Manager, ParkOmaha




“The past two years have allowed for some time to breathe, take pause and to assess the things that I always found important, but had not previously been able to devote the time and attention to. For me, pursuing my CAPP certification was long overdue.  When I finally received my CAPP certification last year, the feelings of happiness and accomplishment were similar to when I obtained my Professional Engineer (PE) license over 15 years ago, but with a slight difference. Like many engineers, I pursued a PE license upon meeting the four-year experience requirement. Passing the PE exam was evidence of proper preparation, comprehension, and execution. However, when I obtained my CAPP certification and now having over 20 years of parking experience, I felt a sense of validation from an industry that I’ve devoted my career to and am thankful to be a part of.”

Mark Santos, PE, CAPP
Director of Operations, Walker Consultants


“Obtaining my CAPP allows me to showcase my competitive advantage within our industry.  It shows potential employers and peers that I am a valuable contributor to our profession.  CAPP challenged me to expand my knowledge and grew my skills in areas within our industry that I may not have grown had it not been for the opportunity to test for the credential.  Setting the goal to earn my CAPP, meeting the requirements, completing the exam, and ultimately walking across the stage at IPMI has built a sense of pride that is hard to put into words.”

Melissa Morgan, CAPP
Director of Customer Success, T2 Systems



The deadline to take the CAPP exam in time for the 2022 CAPP Recognition Ceremony is April 22. Get everything you need to get started including information sessions, exam resources, or how to schedule your exam on IPMI’s CAPP Certification page.

Kathleen Federici, MEd, is IPMI’s director of professional development.