By Brett Wood, CAPP, PE

Flexibility is the new name of the game in our industry. Flexibility at the curb to adapt to new competing demands. Flexibility in our staffing to create multi-functional positions that support the customer. And flexibility in our ability to generate revenue in the face of continued demand changes from the pandemic. This last one is leading parking programs and operations throughout the industry to think about how we need to respond to our customers needs in different ways to continue to achieve high levels of service.

On March 2nd, 2022, the Research & Innovation Task Force will help host an IPMI Shoptalk about how the parking industry is adapting to new commute conditions and reshaping the way we do business. The session will identify communities and campuses that are taking an active role in providing new options for monthly parkers that acknowledge the reduction in daily commuter demands. The focus is to generate discussion around a topic that’s definitely a moving target as we inch towards recovery from the pandemic.

We want to better understand how cities, campuses, and private operators are beginning to implement new concepts like hybrid permits, daily pricing models, per use parking payments, and a general new approach to monthly parking that more closely resembles the new approach to working conditions. In that spirit, we want to hear from you as well! The link below will take you to a survey developed by the task force that aims to quantify some of the changes our community is facing.

We’d appreciate a few minutes of your time to help inform the research effort and provide a good foundation for our industry to adapt to the changes we are facing.

Brett Wood, CAPP, PE is president of Wood Solutions Group and the co-chair of IPMI’s Research & Innovation Task Force.