A New SmartLPR Access License Plate Recognition Camera


Quercus Technologies is proud to launch its latest license plate recognition system, up to four times faster than current standards, with a new HD sensor for higher resolution, with configurable operation options for color or IR thanks to the new built-in dual lamp, optimized freeflow mode, and more. And all in a single unit!

Our strategy, based on comprehensive integration of everything needed for optimal recognition in a single unit, is a true challenge. Thriving in a market as changing and innovative as parking facility access control requires constant product improvement and updating.

This brand’s innovation strategy has always been geared to simplifying the experience of the operator, and improving that of the user. Our robust foundation of consolidated, in-house Research and Development is a key part of our approach in the drive for innovation and perfection at Quercus Technologies.

The All-in-One SmartLPR® Access license plate recognition cameras, built with Quercus Technologies’ own technology, bring innovation in the form of license plate recognition up to four times faster than the current standard. They now integrate configuration options for color or IR recognition in the unit itself, enabling the recognition of new license plates in a state or country, in case of changes in the type of plates. They also feature a new, completely redesigned and optimized free flow operation mode in IR as well as color.

The new version adds an increase in image resolution and performance improvements in difficult external conditions. The HRR option (double reading with two license plate recognition cameras) is now completely compatible with all operation modes, and possible scenarios in parking systems. Another innovation, the PoE+ connection in the equipment cuts installation costs of the integrator and facilitates connection with cameras, which will now require just one cable that includes electricity and communication.

Revamped communication interface: UX friendliness and simpler configuration.

All-in-One cameras also feature a new configuration interface that is much more user-friendly, and facilitates quick and simple configuration and start-up of the unit. The platform offers secure information and shows the entire REST configuration system. This feature is meant to enhance the 360° user experience in the most efficient way.

All in all, Quercus Technologies is launching a product that positions the company as a leader in license plate recognition with All-in-One cameras. The license plate detector includes improvements in product performance velocity that are aligned with the needs and specifications required in our customers’ parking systems. Our customers and their needs are at the heart of the company’s strategy.

Now, with the latest version of API REST integrated in the license plate recognition unit, it will be much easier, faster and enjoyable to implement integrations in all possible scenarios and cases. All it takes is a few clicks and a little effort.


  • Dual Lamp – Color and IR reading inside the unit
  • New secure web configuration interface
  • Identification of license plates up to four times faster
  • Optimized color and IR freeflow
  • Integration through API Rest
  • PoE+ Connection and efficient energy draw
  • Improved performance in unfavorable conditions


Contact: marketing@quercus.biz