By Jim Anderson

Much attention is being given to the environment (rightly so), from recycling plastics to alternative energy to carbon reduction in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are emitted in many of the things we do. Human mobility using personal vehicles, planes, trains and other combustion fueled mobility is a contributor to these environmental challenges.

Another significant challenge and contributor to embodied carbon in the atmosphere is the making of steel and cement. Structured parking is typically a concrete structure and one of the built environmental challenges. The good news is that many in the A/E design industry, while recognizing the unique benefits of cement within the construction industry, also recognize the detrimental environmental effects of cement and as such are committing to reducing this embodied carbon contributor in their future structures.

The best way to reduce tomorrow’s embodied carbon is through considered design today. You can learn more related to this A/E carbon-reducing commitment through the Architecture 2030 Challenge for Net-Zero Carbon Buildings and Structural Engineers 2050 Challenge.

Jim Anderson is market development manager, building solutions team, with Master Builders Solutions and chair of IPMI’s Planning, Design, and Construction Committee.