ParkEngage Touchless Parking Goes Live at Zoo Atlanta

ParkEngage Touchless Parking recently went live at the new Zoo Atlanta Parking Facility. Working with AAA Parking, ParkEngage is integrating its touchless parking technology at the 1,000-space Grant Park Gateway parking facility. This new technology will transform the parking experience of the nearly 500,000 visitors of the zoo each year.

ParkEngage Touchless Parking is an innovative solution that tracks when the user arrives to the facility, where they park, and when they exit. It does not require the end user to download any apps and does not require any proprietary equipment to be installed. This new technology will allow Zoo visitors to perform all of their parking tasks from arrival to departure via their mobile phone, giving customers control of their parking experience right at their fingertips.

When visitors arrive at the new facility, they will use their phone to check in. The customer will then receive an eTicket on their mobile phone and proceed to their parking space. Upon returning to the facility, the customer will open their eTicket to initiate mobile payment, and be able to immediately checkout of the facility after retrieving their vehicle.

The ParkEngage Touchless Parking solution also provides AAA Parking and its customers with a number of additional benefits to create a seamless parking encounter, including:

  • Eliminating backup times at gated exits or valet wait times
  • Eliminating paper tickets through the provision of eTickets
  • Eliminate cumbersome physical membership passes and use ePass in its place
  • Implementation of efficient and convenient payment through mobile pay
  • Promote special offers and event-based pricing
  • Ability to sell add-on services that customers can purchase or reserve directly from their mobile devices
  • Provide personalized customer service and create brand loyalty

This innovative technology complements the numerous groundbreaking features in the Grant Park facility. The garage is the world’s first project to receive both LEED Sites and Parksmart certifications, incorporating a 2.5-acre green roof, electric vehicle charging stations, and bike racks. The ParkEngage Touchless Parking solution enhances the sustainability features of the garage by significantly reducing the amount of time spent idling at the entrance and exits.

About ParkEngage

 ParkEngage is the leading digital cloud platform for the parking industry. It significantly enhances parker engagement, creates new revenue streams for parking operators, makes entire parking experience touchless, and boosts parking operations efficiencies. ParkEngage platform offers end-to-end touchless parking systems for both self and valet garages, 360-degree customer relationship management system, mobile valet system, permit parking system, and parking inventory and multi-channel management system.