Hospital Parking Solutions in the Digital Age

Have you ever encountered such a situation where it is difficult to find a parking space in the hospital, and you still don’t know where to park after driving a few laps?

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people will choose to drive to the hospital for treatment. Quick and easy access for cars and emergency vehicles at all times and in all cases, is a fundamental premise for every modern healthcare facility.

In order to better serve citizens and improve medical satisfaction, Huizhou Third People’s Hospital has recently joined hands with Jieshun to launch a smart parking system, providing parking guidance and car-finding services, which has greatly solved the problem of parking difficulties for citizens. This is the first medical institution in Huizhou to adopt a digital parking solution.

A car-finding kiosk is placed at the entrance of the parking lot on each floor. When you forget where you parked and cannot find your car, you can use this machine to find your car within a few minutes through system prompts. This system provides great convenience to citizens who come to the hospital.

Through the large screen of the car-finding machine, people can clearly and intuitively see the situation of the entire parking lot. After entering the license plate number, the system will provide an optimized route to help you reach the parking location directly. With the help of the digital parking system, car owners can park more safely and enjoy convenient car-finding services.

The citizens approve of this system very much. They can truly feel the smoother traffic flow and more convenient parking experience that the parking system brings to them.

In addition to the car-finding service, the hospital also installed a LED screen at the entrance of the parking lot to update the parking data on each floor in real time. After entering the parking lot, the driver can find an available parking space as soon as possible through the information screen and the parking guidance indicator, without spending a lot of time.

The indicator light allows you to clearly see whether there are free parking spaces around you. Red indicates that the parking space is used, and green indicates that the parking space is vacant. According to the hospital staff, the use of the parking guidance system greatly shortens the time to find a parking space, and the traffic flow in the parking lot becomes smoother. The system helps improve the traffic efficiency and greatly saves manpower costs.

Before the system went online, the parking lot needed more staff. During peak hours, there are six or seven staff in the parking lot. When the system went live, this number was reduced to four. After the hospital launched the Jieshun parking system, the situation of vehicles queuing for parking was greatly eased. Citizens can also connect to this parking system through an APP to understand the situation of hospital parking spaces in real time.

In the future, people’s lives will enter the era of information digitization. The successful case of Huizhou Third People’s Hospital fully reflects the unique charm of smart parking solutions. As a leading company in the smart parking industry, Jieshun will follow the development trend of the industry, firmly grasp the transformation opportunities, and contribute its strength to the smart parking ecology.


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