Two chocolate bars with caramel and cookie on a white background. Front view on a chocolate bars.By Katherine Beaty

Are you a left Twix or a right Twix? I love this genius marketing campaign that came out a couple of years ago.

Are you curious as to what the difference is between left Twix and right Twix candy bars? It tells you right on the new packages:

  • Right Twix is cloaked in chocolate with cascaded caramel
  • Left Twix is enrobed In chocolate with drizzled caramel

Can you tell the difference? Do you believe one tastes better than the other?

The urban myth is that the left Twix’s cookie is crisper, while the right Twix is supposed to taste sweeter due how the caramel is applied. So which one are you?

Katherine Beaty is VP of implementation for TEZ Technology.