Rutgers University engages MSS Media, Inc. for transit advertising management services

Miami, FL – MSS Media, Inc. will once again partner with the Rutgers University Communications and Marketing and Institutional Planning and Operations departments for transit advertising sales and management (using interior bus card signs in alignment with ceiling ads) on the New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden fleet. Through this partnership, the Miami-based media and PR agency will help Rutgers University optimize an important revenue stream and aid internal businesses, schools, departments, and programs to effectively reach the student population with advertising programs, health and wellness initiatives, event messaging, and more.

This endeavor also provides an excellent opportunity for local and national businesses to reach a huge swath of the coveted urban college demographic. Large scale physical out-of-home (OOH) advertising such as this allows institutions and brands to cut through the clutter of texts, emails, and online ads that bombard students on a daily basis and capture the attention of their target audience both frequently and regularly, building brand awareness, recall, and relationships between business and consumer.

MSS Media, Inc., which specializes in education, government, real estate, and lifestyle marketing, is a campus and transit advertising industry expert. As such, the firm also provides OOH advertising
management services for clients including University of Southern California, University of Central Florida, Tulane University, and University of Houston.