man listening to podcast with headphonesBy Justin Grunert, MSM

I have been seeing many different lists coming out recommending different things, notably Barrack Obama’s summer reading list and summer playlist. Well, here is my list of the podcasts I am listening to this summer!

My first recommendation is called Criminal, hosted/narrated by Phoebe Judge. Judge tells true crime stories, some deep and some light-hearted, but they are great stories. There are 179 episodes. Most are about 30 minutes in length and are easy to start and stop. I was hooked on Criminal when I heard a story about my childhood hometown. I never knew about the dark, sordid history until I heard about it in Episode 132: Herrin Massacre.

My second favorite true crime/comedy podcast is My Favorite Murder. With more than 500 episodes available, any true crime fan will be able to find something to enjoy. Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff created it. These ladies have taken their love for true crime and made it their life. In each full-length episode, they share a different true crime story. The minisodes come from emails the hosts have received from listeners about their hometown murder or crime story. These ladies will provide commentary and banter during each story. It sounds like a strange combination, but Georgia and Karen have made it work, and with a huge following, their obsession has become their passion! To all my fellow murderinos, SSDGM!

My third go-to podcast is The No Sleep Podcast. If you are a fan of scary stories, this podcast is perfect for listening to when you are ready to wind down for the evening. The soothing narration from the different narrators makes for a spooky calming experience. With more than 450 episodes, you will be able to find a creepy story that will intrigue you.

I hope you give my recommendations a try–they might not be your typical listen, but I am always up for new suggestions. Please feel free to share your favorite podcast (is it The Parking Podcast?) from your podcast app! You never know when you will find your next favorite podcast from a friend’s suggestion.

Justin Grunert, MSM, is IPMI’s LMS and training coordinator.