Crystal ball with a road in it.By Shawn D. Conrad, CAE

“Don’t expect what happened to the transportation industry last year to predict what will occur in the future.”

This quote comes from a recent conversation I had with an IPMI member about how the industry has been affected by the pandemic.  And while there are many who are predicting the fundamental changes we might see during the next several months or years, much of what’s out there is opinions and prognostications. These are always interesting to hear, but how much weight do you really give them? Maybe not much.

When the information comes from university researchers, however, we all seem to take notice. A recent study–2021 Urban Mobility Report by Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) researchers Tim Lomax, David Schrank, and Bill Eisele–is worth a look. The report supports much of what you’ve been experiencing and gives us a glimpse of things to watch in the future. Read it here and let us know–what do you think?

Shawn D. Conrad, CAE, is IPMI’s CEO.