Paramedics in uniform putting injured man on stretcher in ambulance carBy Jonathan Haney, CAPP

Caring for each other should be a focus in each of our lives. It is part of the “Golden Rule” to treat others as you would expect to be treated.

For some of us, this can become a very trying exercise.  When dealing with those who do not abide by that standard on a day in and day out basis, treating others well can become a difficult goal to uphold. I am referring mostly to those of us operating decks and garages in areas that experience trespassing and loitering. Although signs are posted and patrols are made, it is difficult to monitor the activity in a facility that is open to public use. The cleaning that is required to address debris and waste is overwhelming at times. It is very easy to become callous to the plight of people, whether the situation they find themselves in is due to their own poor choices or as a condition they are victim to. Regardless, people are people and human beings are incredibly special.

Today, one of our supervisors followed the golden rule and reached out for help on behalf of a man suffering from a drug overdose. Our employee could have easily allowed this person to succumb. EMS advised us that with just five more minutes’ delay, his life likely would have ended. Our employee’s simple and caring action to call for help demonstrated the response that all of us should strive for in caring for each other.

Today, that care and compassion resulted in a man getting the chance to live, and I wish him a full recovery. Although a sad situation, this serves as a reminder to all of us just exactly how precious life is and that we should strive to live by that golden rule. Kudos to our employee for putting compassion for another person above callousness to their plight! One simple act demonstrated something for all of us to remember and consider.

Jonathan Haney, CAPP, is deputy director of the Allentown Parking Authority.