Cloud Hosting: A New Trend of Smart Parking Services

Many people who have recently driven to Shenzhen Vanke Yuncheng have discovered that the parking lot has undergone some changes.

License plate recognition provides a better parking experience. When people prepare to leave after paying, they don’t need to stop the car as barrier arms will rise rapidly. People won’t see any congestion during rush hour. The new parking controller is also equipped with a video intercom, and customer service personnel will remotely assist in handling abnormal problems.

Facing the business park environment with more and more crowded people and vehicles and more complex traffic, the parking lot of Vanke Yuncheng has implemented cloud hosting on the 17 lanes in order to provide better services for customers. Cloud hosting services adopt the new business model of “Hardware + Platform + Service” provided by Jieshun Technology to create a truly unattended smart parking lot.

From Local Deployment to Cloud Hosting

Vanke Yuncheng is located in the strategic emerging industry headquarters in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, surrounded by lots of well-known institutions and enterprises. Vanke Yuncheng has focused on the technology industry and is committed to building a smart industrial park.

In order to improve service quality, the parking lot management of Vanke Yuncheng has long been searching for a way to optimize the management of their parking lot, which included the possibility of implementing an unattended parking lot. But in actual operation, when the localized unattended management system encounters an abnormality, no one can handle the problem in time, which means that not only the congestion at the entrance and exit has not been alleviated, but it has become more serious.

Fortunately, the problems faced by the parking lot management of Vanke Yuncheng were easily solved by the Jieshun Cloud Hosting parking solution.

Efficiency is the core of parking lot operation and service experience. First of all, Jieshun’s intelligent parking products can recognize license plates in seconds, and the license plate recognition accurate rate is as high as 99.8%. Car owners of temporary license plates can easily enter and exit the parking lot by scanning the dynamic QR code on the controller.

Secondly, if there is an abnormal situation, the AI will quickly perform secondary license plate recognition and cloud error correction. If the problem is not resolved, the driver can press the service button to call the customer service staff who is online 24/7. Through video intercom, customer service personnel can help the driver quickly deal with problems.

In addition, the cloud system will automatically monitor abnormal events. After discovering the problem, the remote engineer will notify the parking lot patrol personnel for on-site treatment to avoid traffic paralysis caused by congestion at the entrance and exit.

The perfect solution to the 1% abnormal problem will enable the real 100% unattended smart parking lot. Jieshun has created a truly intelligent, stable, and convenient unattended smart parking lot for Vanke Yuncheng, allowing the parking lot management to enjoy cost reduction, revenue increase, safe and worry-free parking lot construction, and operation hosting services.

From Passive Processing to Active Service

With the rapid improvement of various operational capabilities, cloud hosting services are more intelligent and efficient. During the hosting service period, engineers will remotely monitor and operate the parking lot 24/7, which turns passive problem handling into active services, and greatly improves the service quality of the parking lot.

Vanke Yuncheng is a large-scale business park complex with more than 3000 parking spaces, how does Cloud Hosting help it provide active services?

Jieshun Cloud Hosting makes full use of AI Recognition, Big Data, Text-to-Speech, Tianqi management platform, and other technologies to form a super-brain, which can realize online real-time equipment monitoring, audio, and video assistance, independent deep learning, and big data accumulation. The longer the system runs, the smarter it gets.

For example, when a driver encounters a problem in the entrance and exit lane but does not find the remote assistance function, the cloud engineer can use the real-time environmental monitoring of the parking lot to find the problem and proactively provide assistance to ensure that every customer receives high-quality service.

Compared with the previous business process, the new business model is characterized by fast problem handling and high efficiency. Even when the parking lot manager and the driver are not aware of the abnormality, the problem has been solved, which greatly improves the customer’s parking experience.

Focus on High-quality Operations and Services

For customers, although there is no staff in the cloud hosting parking lot, the service experience has been qualitatively improved.

The upgraded parking lot of Vanke Yuncheng has posted payment guidelines. Drivers can scan the QR code in advance to pay before leaving the parking lot, which speeds up the efficiency. The parking management system has enabled the electronic invoice service. After paying the fee, the drivers can easily obtain the electronic invoice by scanning the code or order information. In addition, car owners can apply for the monthly parking card through online services, without having to go to the property company. The monthly card also supports an expiration reminder service, reminding the car owner to renew in advance.

Replacing labor with technology, cloud hosting enables online management and operation. Vanke Yuncheng and Jieshun Technology have worked together to use intelligent cloud hosting services to upgrade and optimize every service detail of the parking lot. It not only optimizes the operating efficiency and management mode of the parking lot, but also improves the service quality and property image. Finally, the previous parking lot was upgraded to an unattended parking lot with a sense of technology and excellent customer experience.

In the future, Vanke Cloud City and Jieshun Technology will integrate parking service resources, access more services, enrich the revenue structure, and continue to improve user experience. The “Vanke Yuncheng” project will become a model case and be promoted to more cooperative projects.


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