Man working in dress shirt and shortsBy Victor Hill, CAPP

I’ve been thinking a lot about pants lately.

The pandemic put most of our butts in home offices–and in shorts or pajamas–because who needs pants on a video conference? Then we got vaccinated and, after months of sequestering, we’re mostly safe to travel and revitalize our relationships within the industry.

Except I had to buy a new pair of pants and, honestly, I forgot how necessary they are until I scheduled my first customer visit, post-pandemic. I considered things we take for granted when we regularly share space with colleagues and customers. Here are my takeaways:

  • Don’t judge a relationship by a “good, firm handshake” or any other physical contact in this viral reality we’re in. When in doubt, carry a bottle of sanitizer.
  • Practice active listening. We have so much to catch up, no matter how many virtual meetings we’ve had. There is more value in the moment and in the same space.
  • Ditch the drama. I’ve become a follower of Cy Wakeman and her assertions about workplace drama. Check out her videos and writings before you head back to the office. I’m glad I did.
  • Savor the anticipation. My nervous energy isn’t going away any time soon because I cannot wait to see you again. Channel that energy into solidifying your relationships and renewing old acquaintances. We’ll be in the same spaces soon.

Now I just need to find a shirt…

Victor Hill, CAPP, is an account manager at T2 Systems. He previously served as parking and transportation director at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.