Cover of Parking & Mobility magazine, March 2021“Data” is definitely one of the words of the year in parking and mobility. From curb management to contactless payments to right-sizing parking to nearly every step forward, we hear a lot about it all being fueled by data. And we all know the truth: It’s fairly easy to collect data. It’s much more difficult to know the best way to compile, analyze, and use it–much less choose which data points really matter–to make future-forward decisions.

Enter business intelligence tools. Business intelligence tools do some of the hard work for us, lowering the amount of data competency we need to make the most of all that information. They close the skill gap between what many of us understand about data and the systems that collect it, putting the power of data in more of our hands and making it much more useful.

Chris Lechner, CAPP, assistant director, data analytics and strategy, UCLA Commuter and Parking Services, breaks down business intelligence tools and how they work for parking and mobility operations in this month’s Parking & Mobility magazine, and he does it in plain English. Should your organization consider business intelligence tools? Find out here.