GKD Secondary Finishes Provide Designers with Full Spectrum of Color

Cambridge, MD – GKD Metal Fabrics, the leading provider of architectural metal mesh, now offers designers and specifiers an unlimited array of color coating options when designing with metal fabric. Powder coating, specialty painting and also screen printing are used for adding color to stainless steel wire mesh, results in colorful fabric options that are also resistant to extreme heat, cold, bending and flexing.

“For designers who want the functional advantages of stainless steel mesh, but want to explore a color palette beyond the alloy’s signature silver, powder coating and other painting methods solve all challenges at once,” explains Darren Bromwell, GKD-USA Estimating Manager / Coatings Specialist.

GKD offers a handful of secondary finishing techniques when it comes to colors and surfaces:

  • Powder Coating Process – With an exclusive partnership now in place, GKD offers an automated and cost-effective means to apply color to metal fabric using continuous process color coating. In this method, the mesh is subjected to a rigorous cleaning regimen that includes an ionic bath to remove any and all dust, dirt, oil and other particles from the surface. Then, high-grade pigment powders are applied to the charged material (the mesh) and heated to create a powerful This process allows any quantity of wires to be permanently color- coated and depending on the mesh, enables panel dimensions of up to 20 feet by 6 feet horizontally. In addition to standard colors, GKD can custom match a provided color sample.
  • Wet Coating Process – Similar to automotive painting, pre-cut meshes are coated using a paint spraying process. Used primarily on smaller sized mesh panels, this allows an even coating with a high surface quality. In addition to the colors available in the Natural Color System® (NCS), GKD can also analyze individual color samples and reproduce them as custom finish. A comprehensive range of colors used by the automobile industry are also available to produce metallic effects.
  • Screen Printing and Digital Printing – GKD applies these methods when the design calls for a reproduction of complex and/or colored graphics onto a metal fabric surface.

GKD’s custom capability and turnkey technical consultation are combined to help the architect determine the best and most effective method of color coating, keeping key specification criteria in mind. This includes geographic location, exposure to sun, moisture and other elements, as well as aesthetic considerations such as viewing distance, angle and readability. GKD applies its many decades of innovative metal mesh fabrication and installation to guide the specifier in the optimal use of its vast product options and finishes.

For more information on architectural exteriors, visit www.gkdmetalfabrics.com or call 800.453.8616.

About GKD Metal Fabrics

As the leading provider of woven metal fabric for architectural solutions, GKD Metal Fabrics offers architects the ability to create dynamic, modern environments that address numerous building challenges. Drawing on more than 95 years of German engineering excellence and precise American
manufacturing, GKD revolutionized the category of metal fabric applications. With thousands of  interior and exterior installations constructed worldwide, architects and specifiers recognize GKD as the metal fabric authority. Headquartered in Germany, GKD has five other facilities in the US, South Africa, China, India and Chile – as well as branches in France, Spain, Dubai and worldwide  representatives.


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