Man wearing mask riding Spin scooter on a city street.Boise, Idaho, will receive the first fleet of remote-capable Spin scooters in the U.S. this spring. Equipped with front- and rear-facing cameras, the scooters have the capability to park themselves in assigned locations when riders are finished using them and to be remotely called by riders via an app.

The Spin S-200 scooters can be remotely repositioned off sidewalks, crosswalks, and other potentially hazardous areas; they can also be moved to different locations if they’re left where they’re unlikely to be picked up by another rider. They move at less than three miles per hour in autonomous mode, and later this year, will be enabled to drive themselves to their next users in the same way. They’ll also be able to be remotely operated to charging stations.

The scooters are operated with robotic technology developed by Segway. Read the release here.