IPMI Releases Roadmap to Recovery, University Planning, Strategies, and Benchmarking for 2021

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The fall 2020 semester for higher education campuses has been a mixture of trial and error, adaptation, and survival. With the impacts of the global pandemic continuing to evolve, ensuring some level of education and campus experience has been a rapidly moving target. Within the parking and mobility realm, this challenge has been no different. For programs that manage on-campus transportation activities, defining how to operate shuttles, manage parking, assist with mobility options, and keep patrons and staff safe has constantly evolved with the ebbs and flows of this unique campus life experience.

This document, developed by the International Parking & Mobility Institute’s Research & Innovation Task Force, seeks to assemble data from academic parking and mobility programs across the United States to help understand how the strategies implemented and adapted over the fall 2020 semester met the needs of patrons and helped to support campus life. The data was collected using an online survey that asked questions about enrollment trends, strategies used, lessons learned, and revenue impacts. The information in this document has been assembled to help programs throughout our
industry understand the potential opportunities and challenges associated with individual strategies or combinations of multiple strategies.