We made it. Whew.

It was a weird, different, challenging year to say the least. But there were some good things–new technologies, new ways of thinking, and some industry highlights among the craziness.

If you haven’t already, take a look back at five of our favorite stories from the year, in this month’s Parking & Mobility magazine. And then go to Forum and share your favorites and your highlights of the year–we’d love to hear them.

The blog normally goes quiet for the next week but this year, we have something special. For the next five days, we’ll be sharing a few gifts with you right here. Even if you’re taking some well-deserved time off, it’ll be worth checking your daily Forum email for that day’s blog post and special gift (they’re cool–we promise). Share them with your colleagues, staff members, and industry friends as our thank-you for everything you did this year. Staying connected with us has been a tremendous gift and we’re thankful–and we know great things are ahead.

Please be well, enjoy the holidays, and a very happy, early new year to all of us.