By Megan Leinart, CAPP, LEED AP BD+C

Since the launch of the Parksmart certification standard nearly a decade ago, the program has transformed the way owners and operators look at the development of their parking and mixed-use facilities. It has also served as inspiration for consultants, contractors, and solutions providers to look at parking more broadly and consider the many opportunities to incorporate sustainability and measure results.

The Parksmart standard aims to not only accommodate the large number of vehicles on global roadways, but encourage solutions that will enable cities to achieve their environmental goals:

  • Build greater efficiency into all travel modes, including active transportation.
  • Reduce vehicle miles traveled.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and waste.
  • Support alternative fuel vehicle solutions.
  • Integrate sustainable mobility infrastructure.
  • Build stronger communities.
  • Incorporate sustainable design and construction.

To date, there are dozens of Parksmart parking facilities worldwide, with many more in the pipeline. Of course, the goal is to encourage the implementation of Parksmart standards into as many new and existing parking and mixed-use facilities as possible. In this month’s Parking & Mobility, we break down the Parksmart Standard into easily digested chunks; if earning Parksmart for your garage is on the goal list for 2021, it’s a great jumping off point and resource through the process. Get your copy here.

Megan Leinart, CAPP, LEED AP BD+C, is president of Leinart Consulting.