Quercus Technologies presents the latest innovations in the global parking solution: light per space and new matrix displays

Once again, Quercus Technologies demonstrated that its customers’ needs are compatible with the highest reliability in parking guidance. With no intention of dispensing with the security and control provided by the reading of vehicle plates at each space, the company proposes a system that indicates the availability of parking spaces with occupancy lights on each one. This new and innovative system is called Light per Space and makes it possible to guide the driver to available spaces very efficiently.

This is made possible by installing RGB pilots in each of the parking spaces in a car park. These LED lights are connected to the Spot Control central unit, which, with its light switched off, will read the number plates and detect the presence of the vehicles, sending the information to the parking system and changing the colors of each light as the space is occupied or vacated.

This system is a step forward for Quercus Technologies and for pioneering parking guidance with license plate recognition in each parking space and, now, availability indication in each space. Customers are thus provided with individual information without having to sacrifice the video surveillance and big data generated by Quercus Technologies’ Spot Control sensors.

With the intention of improving mobility and guidance inside the parking facilities, and of doing so with the best quality possible, Quercus Technologies also makes available to its customers the most innovative matrix displays on the market. Totally customizable and with infinite possibilities, the matrix panel types allow the most varied combinations, infinite colors, different levels and personalized dynamic or static messages.

The BirdWatch parking suite centralizes and interprets the information received about the availability of parking spaces, given by the Spot Control sensors, and it is shown on the panels in real time for a greater mobility within the car park. It is a global, centralized solution that allows for a total control of the installations in an intuitive and automatic way.