Forget ‘smart detection’, we do so much more! Quercus Technologies introduces new logo, slogan, corporate philosophy and website


For Quercus Technologies it is an end of year full of positive changes that form the basis of the growth that is expected both of the company and of the products, projects and services it provides. The global turbulent times have only reinforced the need to adapt and take advantage of the circumstances.

Technology and artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important to reduce contact with surfaces and automate parking and user experiences as much as possible. As in all sectors, user experience is fundamental.

The new Quercus Technologies logo retains its classic tree composed of pixels and the letters that symbolize the essence of the company: Quercus, the oak tree. The strength and stability of its roots characterize this family of trees and also Quercus Technologies.

Previously, the company’s logo had the slogan Smart detection integrated into it, a message that represented of the company’s activity at the time. However, the strategic line of Quercus Technologies in recent years has been moving towards parking guidance projects and parking services, and not only intelligent detection and license plate recognition products.

While new branches and leaves appear on the oak, it is essential that the roots—the time-honored products developed by the company—remain strong and form the foundation on which to grow.

New slogan – Boost the parking experience!

In line with the above mentioned, Quercus Technologies was not exclusively engaged in the production and distribution of license plate recognition equipment, but went much further. “Boost the parking experience” perfectly sums up what customers can expect with the installation of the company’s system, products and services.

Enhancing car parks means making them intelligent, optimal, improving the user experience from the moment they enter to the moment they leave the premises. This can only be achieved with a global vision of the car park and the experience of those who have successfully carried out projects of this caliber.

New Corporate Philosophy – Mission, Vision and Values Renewed

Every great change in a company starts with a change of vision, and with a constant desire to improve and offer better services. That is why Quercus Technologies also has a new corporate philosophy that draws on the professionalism that already characterized the company when it was founded, with the added value of experience and new horizons.

  • Mission: Innovative parking solutions to improve user experience and our customer’s business.
  • Vision: A world leader company in providing the most innovative and reliable engineering solutions to every customer.
  • Values: Professionalism, Innovation, Cooperation, Quality, Honesty.

New website and domain

In early 2019, the creation of the company’s two commercial and business divisions, Detection and Mobility, led to the need to reinvent a website that needed a change in both content and style. With the intention of strengthening the brand, the domain of the new website has also changed, it is now including the two words that have accompanied Quercus Technologies and all that this company represents for more than 20 years.

The new website has much more information about the company: the divisions, its markets and applications, its products, its projects and references, its success stories and its Human Resource section. Quercus Technologies, a large company with international projection, must have a quality website, which perfectly reflects the products and services offered.