By Thomas Hartley, CAPP

Disney has developed a set of great leadership strategies that are simple, common-sense ideas.  Disney’s strategies help leaders adapt to new challenging demands—as their saying goes, “it’s not the magic that makes it work; it’s the way we work that makes it magic”.

The magic is that their strategies are integrated throughout their daily operations. One of these leadership strategies involves exploring, probing, knowing what’s going on, and acting on that information. To meet today’s challenges, it’s important to stay ahead and lead the industry by being a knowledge sponge.

Companies such as Netflix and Amazon explore, probe, and know what’s going on. They have mastered IT optimization to fully understand their customers’ choices and behaviors very well—a competitive advantage not easily duplicated.

We are leveraging information technology optimization at Florida International University to help improve operations and augment student success. Information technology helps identify opportunities that have the greatest potential to maximize revenue streams and provide a greater advantage for long-term success. IT optimization, coupled with savvy employees using the right tools, could have a profound impact on operations and services.

Our recent expansion of automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technology from our garage entry and exit lanes to our campus entries, exits, and commuter lots afford us the opportunity to direct students to the most convenient locations based on their class schedules.

From a safety perspective, we have already seen the benefits of knowing who is on campus and where they parked via our ALPR system integrated with our virtual parking permit system. In addition to physical safety aspects, having this information during the COVID-19 pandemic also provides information regarding post-screening access and contact tracing endeavors.

We will continue leveraging technology to enhance the understanding of knowing what is going on in your business and finding better ways to serve customers and communities. We encourage you to join us.